1. Animal Control

  2. Assessor's Office

    Assessor's Office

  3. Building & Zoning

    Learn about the services and responsibilities of the Building and Zoning Division.

  4. Business Management

    The Department of Business Management oversees the following divisions and cost centers General Services, Human Resource, Workplace Policy and Compliance, and E/G Channel Administration.

  5. Code Enforcement

  6. Community Preservation Fund

    Review the mission and responsibilities of the Town of Southampton Community Preservation Fund.

  7. Conservation & Environment

  8. Engineering

    Access details about the services offered by the Engineering Division.

  9. Finance (Comptroller)

    Review the mission and responsibilities of the Finance (Comptroller) Department.

  10. Fire Prevention

    The Department of Fire Prevention is responsible for inspections of commercial properties, performing fire investigations, and oversight of the permit system for operating permits and public assemblies.

  11. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Read about the responsibilities of the GIS Division and check out web applications and maps.

  12. Hampton Bays Water District

    View current drinking water reports, fee schedules, and payment information for the Hampton Bays Water District.

  13. Highway

    Look at the role of the Highway Department in the Town of Southampton.

  14. Justice Court

    Access the Justice Court's schedule and responsibilities.

  15. Land Management

    The Department of Land Management is responsible for interpretation, coordination, and enforcement of the Code of the Town of Southampton, New York.

  16. Municipal Works

    Gather information about the responsibilities and services offered by the Municipal Works Department.

  17. Parks & Recreation

    Explore the variety of programs, parks, and marinas in Southampton, as well as find seasonal employment, permits, and street lighting information.

  18. Planning (Current)

    Find information about town planning and the responsibilities of the division.

  19. Planning (Long Range)

    Browse information about the responsibilities of the Long Range Planning Division.

  20. Tax Receiver

    View and pay your taxes online, look up important dates, find helpful forms, and change your information online.

  21. Transportation & Traffic Safety

    Find out what the responsibilities are for the Intermodal Transportation Division.

  22. Town Attorney

    Gain details about the functions of the Office of the Town Attorney, as well as Animal Control and Code Enforcement.

  23. Town Clerk

    Gain access to information provided through the Town Clerk's Office such as historic documents and resources.

  24. Town Police

    View the services and programs offered by the Police Department.

  25. Waste Management

    Get information about the waste management services offered within the town.