Community Preservation Fund

The Community Preservation Department is responsible for the administration of the Town's land acquisition program. Though properties are often donated to the Town, they are most often purchased through the Community Preservation Fund (CPF), which is financed through property transfer tax revenues.

As part of its multiple responsibilities, the department also seeks to:

  • Provide oversight and management of the Community Preservation Project Plan and Management and Stewardship Plan
  • Identify key holdings and other areas that are the highest priorities for public land acquisition, consolidation, and Purchases of Development Rights (PDR)
  • Work with interested landowners to determine availability of alternatives other than acquisition, which will provide adequate protection or meet community preservation objectives
  • Prepare draft open space management plans regarding specific target areas and individual parcels
  • Establish active management and stewardship routines including restorations, clean-ups, trail blazing and trail maintenance.
  • Coordinate and facilitate educational recreational programs to increase public awareness of the Town's open space program
  • Coordinate with other town, county, state, federal and private agencies to ensure open space and stewardship goals are achieved
  • Establish volunteer corps to help maintain open space areas within the Town

Since its inception in 1999, the CPF has made possible the preservation of more than 3,000 acres of vacant and improve parcels of historic, recreational, and environmental value.