Agricultural Planned Development Districts

Agricultural Planned Development Districts (330-248G) can also send TDR rights, and development on these parcels must also meet a required Open Space Percentage, as follows:
Yield Allocation Table For Lands Within an Agricultural Planned Development District
Zoning District  Minimum Lot Area of Zone  Development Yield Factor  Required Open Space Percentage 
CR-200  200,000  0.22 65% 
CR-120, R-120  120,000 0.36 65%
CR-80, R-80  80,000 0.55 50%
CR-60, R-60  60,000  0.73 35% 
CR-40, R-40  40,000  0.92 35%

For full details on the specifics of this program, consult with Planning Staff as well as Southampton Town Code 330-244I.