Town Studies & Reports

  1. Community Preservation Plan

    Read through the documents related to the Community Preservation Project Plan.

  2. BECD Control Districts

    Browse through weekly updates, meeting reports, and related documents.

  3. Deer Protection and Management Plan

  4. Dune Road Reconstruction

  5. Flanders / Riverside Sewer Study Area

    Submit feedback about the proposed boundaries of the Flanders / Riverside Sewer Study Area.

  6. FEMA Flood Insurance Map

    Look at the FEMA Flood Insurance maps.

  7. Golf at the Bridge

    Discover information pertaining to groundwater monitoring at Golf at the Bridge (The Bridge).

  8. Hampton Bays - FGEIS (Feb 2013)

    Hampton Bays - FGEIS (Feb 2013) Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement

  9. HO / HC Zoning

    View maps and resolutions.

  10. Marine Resources Protection & Management Plan

    Read through the Marine Resources Protection and Management Plan.

  11. Night Club Study

    Night Club Study

  12. Sag Harbor Gateway Plan

    Peruse through the pages of the Sag Harbor Gateway Plan.

  13. Shinnecock Canal Planned Development District

    Navigate the sections of the Shinnecock Canal Public Access Sites and Maritime Planned Development District.

  14. Sebonack Golf Course

  15. Water Quality Improvement Plan (CPF Referendum)

    Southampton CPF Water Quality Improvement Project Plan (WQIPP)

  16. Southampton Community Microgrid

    Southampton Microgrid NY Prize Stage 1 Report