Advisory Boards & Committees

  1. Affirmative Action Task Force

    Meet the members of the Affirmative Action Task Force.

  2. Airport Noise Advisory Committee

    Southampton Town Airport Noise Advisory Committee to review noise from helicopter traffic and work to ensure that both short-term and long term solutions do not negatively impact the residents of the Town of Southampton

  3. Anti-Bias Task Force

    View the members of the Anti-Bias Task Force.

  4. Agricultural Advisory Committee

    Browse the member information for the Agricultural Advisory Committee.

  5. Audit Advisory Committee

    Check out the members of the Audit Advisory Committee.

  6. Budget & Finance Advisory Committee

    Learn about the Budget and Finance Advisory Committee.

  7. Business Advisory Council

    Gather information about the Business Advisory Council.

  8. Citizen Advisory Committees

    Gain information regarding the 10 citizen advisory committees in the Town of Southampton.

  9. Community Preservation Advisory Board

    View the members of the Community Preservation Advisory Board.

  10. Community Development Agency

    Find out more about the Community Development Agency.

  11. Dark Skies Committee

    Discover the mission of the Dark Skies Committee in diminishing the light pollution in the area.

  12. Deer Protection and Management Advisory Committee

    The Town of Southampton created the Deer Protection and Management Advisory Committee as a key component to finding a unified approach to sustaining deer populations while balancing human needs.

  13. Disability Advisory Committee

    Browse the members of the Disability Advisory Committee.

  14. Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee

    Learn about who makes up the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee.

  15. Facilities / Infrastructure Committee

    Access the member list of the Facilities / Infrastructure Committee.

  16. Fire Advisory Committee

    Obtain information about the Fire Advisory Committee.

  17. Historic Burying Ground Committee

    Browse through information regarding the Historic Burying Ground Committee.

  18. Labor-Management Committee

    Access details about the Labor-Management Committee.

  19. Planning Policy Advisory Committee

    View the members of the Planning Policy Avisory Committee.

  20. Pine Beetle Task Force Advisory Committee

  21. Police Department/Labor Relations Advisory

    Look through information regarding the Police Department / Labor Relations Advisory Committee.

  22. Road Review Committee

    Find meeting times, view the member list, and access documentation on the Road Review Committee.

  23. Safety & Risk Management Committee

    Look through the members of the Safety and Risk Management Committee.

  24. SEA-TV Channel Committee

    Check out the members of the Southampton Educational and Governmental Access Channel Committee.

  25. Solid Waste Advisory Committee

    Browse information about the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

  26. Speonk Solvent Plume Working Group

    See how the working group facilitates and streamlines sharing of technical and legal information regarding the impacts of the Speonk Solvent Plume on the community.

  27. Sustainable Southampton Green Advisory Committee

    Discover how Southampton is going green by viewing maps, links, news, and meeting minutes.

  28. Technology Advisory Council

    Gain information about the Technology Advisory Council.

  29. Trails Advisory Board

    Find out about the members of the Trails Advisory Board.

  30. Veterans Affairs

    Meet the members of Veterans Affairs.

  31. Water Mill Park District Budget Steering Advisory

    Access the member list of the Water Mill Park District Budget Steering Advisory Committee.

  32. Wind Energy Conversion Systems Advisory Committee

    Browse through the members of the Wind Energy Conversion Systems Advisory Committee.

  33. Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (SHACC)

    Southampton recognizes the important presence the Arts have in our community now as in the past with the capacity for enriching the lives of local residents and visitors