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  1. Domestic Partnership

    Find out how to apply for a domestic partnership in the Town of Southampton.

  2. Employment Opportunities

    Browse through the available job openings in the town.

  3. Expedited Building Permit Review

  4. Contractors License

    Apply for a Plumber/Electrical Contractor or Home Improvement Contractors License

  5. Long-Term Parking

    Discover what is needed to obtain a long-term parking pass.

  6. Marriage License

    Apply for a marriage license in the Town of Southampton.

  7. Peddlers License

  8. Rental Permit

  9. Seasonal Employment

    Learn how to become a seasonal employee for the Parks and Recreation Division of Southampton.

  10. Small Claims Application

  11. Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire

    Apply for a Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire

  12. Special Event Permit

  13. Submit an Online Grievance