Peak Power Hour

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Peak Power Hour
The South Fork of Long Island has one of the highest power rates of the nation. The cost to the utility of electricity during the peak hours of summer can be 5 - 10 times the cost from November through May. This is not visible to ratepayers, since they only see a flat rate. In addition, like the sporadic blackouts that occurred in Southampton at 6 pm on July 6, this high demand puts strain on the system for only a few hours over the entire summer. 

If we as a community are interested in reducing the rates we pay, we need to be a more proactive part of the solution……through energy conservation and making smart decisions.  This summer, the Town will sponsor a program in which when these peak power days are forecasted, we may send out an email/text to those that are interested, and preregistered, to turn up their thermostat two degrees and then join us at the beach for a kite flying event that will be fun for the whole family.  Our goal is to have a large enough impact on our peak power to demonstrate to the utility company that there are alternatives to building peak power plants that would degrade our community and our environment.  There will also be the opportunity for homeowners to receive rebates for smart thermostats that are more energy efficient and can play a role in peak power response. 

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