I/A OWTS Rebate Program

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Eligible property owner in an eligible area.

I/A OWTS Rebates are available through the Community Preservation Fund for systems within the Medium and High Priority Areas of the WQIPP and for income eligible applicants as follows:

  • If you earn less than $300,000 /year, up to 100% of the cost to a maximum of $20,000 is available
  • If you earn between $300,001 - $500,000/year, up to 50% of the cost to a maximum of $20,000 is available
  • If you earn between $500,001 - $1,000,000/year, up to 25% of the cost to a maximum of $20,000 is available
  • $1,000,001 or more shall not be eligible

To apply for the Innovative/Alternative On-Site Wastewater Treatment System  
(I/A OWTS) Rebate Program, the applicant must follow step 1-7:

  1. Submit a septic system upgrade rebate application (PDF) form to the Town Community Preservation Fund (CPF) Department  (fill out Schedule A and Schedule D) and provide documentation, specifically, Page 1 and the signature page of applicant’s most recent Federal Income Tax return, to be qualified as an eligible property owner in an eligible area. A W-9 (PDF) form must also be submitted in order to encumber this money. These documents can be sent via email provided on bottom of application form.
  2. Upon review and approval of said form, the Town CPF Department shall deem the application eligible for a rebate. Approved application will be emailed to applicant. Said approved rebate application form shall serve to encumber the rebate monies attributable to the applicant's upgrade for a period of one (1) year. Within said time, the applicant must complete the upgrade as described below in order to receive the rebate monies.
  3. Applicant must then work to obtain required approvals for the I/A OWTS from all appropriate regulatory agencies, including, but not limited to, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and/or the Town of Southampton Environment Division, as may be necessary.
    Please contact the Southampton Town Building Department for Electrical Permit Questions Only at (631) 631-702-1843 and the Southampton Town CPF Office for Rebate Inquiries Only at (631) 287-5720. All other technical questions related to I/A system installations should be directed to the Suffolk County Office of Wastewater Management at (631) 852-5700 or Septic Improvement Program - Reclaim Our Waters 
  4. After receiving said approvals, the applicant shall submit an application to the Building Department for an electrical permit (PDF) for the I/A OWTS. Said application shall include the Suffolk County Department of Health Services approval, depicting the location and type of system approved, as well as any other necessary approvals (wetland, site plan, etc.), for the parcel.
  5. Once the installation of the I/A OWTS is complete, the eligible property owner must submit the following to the Town Building Department in order to receive a Certificate of Electrical Compliance for the I/A OWTS:
    • A copy of the CPF I/A OWTS eligibility approval form (Schedule B);
    • A Septic System Installation Certificate and either a Suffolk County Department of Health Services final approval/sign-off, or a Suffolk County Department of Health Services WWM-073 (PDF) Form for the I/A OWTS;
    • A notarized certification from the contractor(s) who actually performed the upgrade, certifying that the upgrade was performed in compliance with the requirements of the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.
  6. Thereafter, applicant must submit the following to the Town CPF Department:
    • The Certificate of Electrical Compliance, or Certificate of Wetland Compliance where applicable, for the I/A OWTS;
    • A receipt showing the actual costs, as defined herein, applicant paid for said upgrade  (Costs directly associated with the upgrade of an existing sanitary system to an I/A OWTS will be considered.  This shall include, but not be limited to, costs for design, labor and materials associated with site restoration directly related to the upgrade);
    • All information related to County/State grants (if applicable);
  7. Upon review and approval by the CPF Department Program Manager of the above documentation, payment of said rebate shall be made by the Town Comptroller.