The Southampton Town Police Department predicates its mission and purpose on the sanctity of life and the value of community partnership and service. Working with the community, it is our goal to provide the highest level of police service and public safety through dedicated efforts and innovative programs. With a focus on human dignity and quality of life, it is our aim to; provide aid to those in need, bring to justice those who violate the law, and insure that the Town of Southampton is a safe place to live, visit, conduct business and enjoy.


As a New York State law enforcement accredited agency, the Southampton Town Police Department is a recognized leader of police professionalism on Long Island. We are committed to maintaining a state-of-the-art model of community-based policing as we continue to grow. This goal is realized through the establishment of department policies and priorities that increase membership skills, leadership abilities, and community trust and confidence while maximizing community participation in developing solutions to identified problems.

Core Values:

The members of the Southampton Town Police Department are dedicated to professional law enforcement. Community service is at the heart of our daily operations, goals and objectives. Unbiased attitudes and actions are employed in every aspect of service, with respect for human dignity and individual rights. Without prejudice, we proudly serve and protect all members of society encouraging community input and partnership at every opportunity. We operate with transparent honesty, priding ourselves in serving with the highest moral and legal standards. Accountability and responsibility are supported through current rules, policies, procedures, and recurrent training, utilizing current technologies and equipment for the safety of our members and the public.