Riverside Revitalization Action Plan


Riverside Revitalization Sewage Treatment Plant and Collection System

Critical to the realization of the Riverside Privatization Action Plan adopted by the Southampton Town Board is the creation of a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The Southampton Tow Planning Department has been working closely with the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) and with the engineering firm commissioned by the Town to design this treatment facility, Nelson Pope Voorhis. The EFC is the state funding mechanism and will help the Town finance this project. In addition, EFC provided the Town with expert engineering (Arcadis in collaboration with the Town engineering firm) as consultants to produce a “Value Planning Report” to assess and recommend best practices for the design and development of this facility. A copy of their report is available through the link provide below.



  • The Town engaged in a Value Planning effort lead by the Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) where outside experts looked at the plan and made recommendations (paid for by EFC)
  • The Town is now preparing a Supplemental EIS and making changes to the engineering report based on this report
  • The Town remains on the State’s Annual Plan for borrowing the funds to construct the STP (at 0% interest for 30 years)
  • Once all the reports and SEQRA is completed, the Town can enact the Special Sewer District (target is year-end 2022)
  • The STP will be constructed in phases, with Phase I being 400,000 gallons
  • The Town is also obtaining all the required easements that are needed for the Mains