Workplace Violence Prevention Committee

The Town of Southampton has established a Workplace Violence Prevention Committee to administer the Workplace Violence Prevention Program. The committee, which includes authorized employee representatives mutually agreed upon by management and the unions, has the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting and/or updating the comprehensive risk evaluation of the Town’s workplaces to identify any factors or situations that may place employees at risk of violence;
  • Conducting and/or updating employee surveys and interviews as necessary to obtain feedback on the risk factors employees believe are present in the workplace, to determine if there have been previous workplace violence incidents, etc.;
  • Developing and implementing risk reduction strategies and plans for responding to acts of violence;
  • Coordinating employee training and education programs relating to workplace violence;
  • Investigating workplace violence incidents and implementing any necessary measures to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of similar incidents occurring;
  • Reviewing the Workplace Violence Prevention Program at least annually, including analyzing Workplace Violence Incident Reports to identify trends in the types of incidents that occurred during the year and to determine the effectiveness of the mitigating actions taken;
  • Updating the Workplace Violence Prevention Program as needed; and
  • Other duties as may be necessary and appropriate..

Following is a list of the current members of the Workplace Violence Prevention Committee:

  • Ryan Murphy, Town Code Compliance and Emergency Management Admin. Committee Chair
  • Sandra Cirincione, Director of Human Resources
  • Jon Erwin, Parks Maintenance Supervisor
  • Charles McArdle, Superintendent of Highways
  • Kathryn Garvin, Assistant Town Attorney
  • Juan Becerra, Deputy Director for Compliance/Affirmative Action Officer, Human Resources
  • Peter Gaudiello, Town Maintenance Supervisor
  • Judith MacDonald, Senior Caseworker, Domestic Violence
  • Walter Marsicovetere, Safety Officer
  • Clare Shea, Assistant Director of Town Planning/CSEA President
  • Francis Zappone, Deputy Supervisor
  • Lt. Michael Joyce, Southampton Town Police
  • Kim Myers, Secretarial Assistant, Land Management
  • Noah Brown, Deputy Tax Receiver
  • Glenn Schnabel, Director of Risk Management, Insurance, Contracting, & Procurement