Sustainable Southampton Green Advisory Committee

Welcome to the webpages of Sustainable Southampton, the Town’s sustainability advisory committee! Come on in and enjoy exploring our pages of news, knowledge, activities and resources to help our community be a healthy, beautiful and equitable place for all.

Our biggest news is Southampton 400+, a visionary plan for a sustainable future. In December 2013, after four years of thoughtful work with experts, our committee and our community members, Southampton Town adopted Southampton 400+ into the Town’s Comprehensive Plan to responsibly guide our growth. In 2014, Sustainable Southampton will advise the Town on strategies for implementing elements of this historic document. Our goal is to improve local quality of life for all of our residents, workers, and visitors.

We welcome your input. Got ideas? We’d love to hear them. Want to help? We’d love to see you!

Many events are being planned and a number of our subcommittees need your input, too. Our subcommittees are working on water quality, renewable energy, education and outreach, waste reduction, and land use issues. Click on the link below to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sustainable Southampton Mission Statement

Southampton Town’s green committee, Sustainable Southampton, serves as a resource, a catalyst, and an advocate for environmental, social and economic sustainability. Often we serve as a bridge between ideas and their practical implementation by advising the Town Council, fostering local partnerships, and engaging our local communities to develop goals, policies and practices together that improve the well being of our town and ensure a vibrant and resilient future for all.


  • Glorian Berk, Co-Chair
  • Dieter von Lehsten, Co-Chair
  • Kimberly Allan
  • Lynn Arthur
  • John Barrows
  • Tip Brolin
  • Julie Burmeister
  • Lauren Carrozzi
  • James Ewing
  • Joseph Glorioso
  • Victoria Gorman
  • Sarah Hunnewell
  • Helen Roussel
  • Janice Scherer, Town Planning/Development Administrator
  • Shavonne Smith


  • Michael A. Iasilli, Councilperson
  • Tommy John Schiavoni, Councilperson

About the Sustainable Southampton Green Advisory Committee

The Sustainable Southampton Green Map allows an individual to search within the Town of Southampton for various Green Sites. These sites include, but are not limited to, cell phone drop off locations, LEEDS projects, local farm stands, recycle centers, organic landscapers, etc. You also have the ability to view various forms of public transportation and bike routes promoting the reduction of the carbon footprint. Also available in this application are trails, parks, and various points of interest which encourage the enjoyment of our environment.


The Sustainable Southampton Green Committee is responsible for:

  • Advising the Town Board on economic and environmentally sustainable practices by formulating guidelines for implementing green methods at town facilities
  • Prioritizing goals, suggesting programs, and recommending policy, legislation, and code amendments that encourage and contribute to sustainability with a concentrated focus on the reduction of the town’s ecological impact / footprint
  • Assisting the Town Board and appointed liaison to develop and institute town-wide environmental and conservation priorities that includes the potential for use of renewable energy resources and green building practices
  • Considering ways to develop green industry and attract green collar jobs for the town
  • Assisting in the development of programs to advise and educate Southampton Town residents on economically affordable alternatives to reduce energy consumption and costs and further sustainability initiatives
  • Interfacing with other town-appointed boards and committees to foster environmental awareness
  • Engaging in opportunities to partner with other public and nonprofit entities, where appropriate, to further common goals
  • Developing annual reports to measure progress and time frames for meeting future goals