Hampton Bays Water District

HB Water District Customer Letter:  

September 19, 2017: Letter to Hampton Bays Water Customers
August 2017: Letter to Hampton Bays Water Customers

Public Notice:  8/1/2017

Due to the increased demand on our water distribution system, we are asking our residents to voluntarily curtail all outside water usage utilizing the odd-even day system, which corresponds with your house address.

We are asking you to refrain from watering your lawns between the hours of 10 PM and 8 AM which will ensure that we have sufficient water to meet the needs of our District. 

The Hampton Bays Water District thanks you for your anticipated cooperation.

  1. Billing
  2. Payments
  3. Water Reports
Individual usage is metered and billed according to rates determined by the Southampton Town Board in their capacity as Water Commissioners of the Water District. Earnings are reported to the comptroller and the tax receiver, who serve as the HBWDs fiduciary administrators. Water is billed in cubic feet. Below is a comparison chart for your convenience:

Cubic Feet Gallons 
1,000 7,480 
2,000 14,960 
3,000 22,440 
4,000 29,920 
9,000 67,320 
10,000 74,800 
14,000 104,720 
*calculation = 7.48 x cubic feet = gallons