Land Management - Building & Zoning Division

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Building and Zoning Division is one of the busiest and multi-faceted divisions of local government. Part of the Department of Land Management, Building and Zoning personnel implement

and are responsible for enforcing the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code. They also enforce the National Electrical Code at both at the town and village levels.

In accomplishing this mission, the Division accepts, reviews and processes all applications for:

  • Building Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Certificates of Occupancy and Compliance
  • Accessory Apartments
  • Contractor Licenses

The Building and Zoning Division also processes all other applications submitted for consideration by the Zoning Board of Appeals, Licensing Review Board, and the Architectural Review Board. Often this involves performing inspections to determine a property’s compliance with local laws and regulations regarding building, zoning, electrical, fire safety, sanitation, signs, site development, subdivision of land, road improvement, natural resource conservation and other aspects of land use.

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