Seasonal Employment

Seasonal job applications are now being accepted. All department positions are listed, however, not every position may be open at this time.


The Town of Southampton hires seasonal personnel each summer. Opportunities are available in a variety of areas for responsible and reliable individuals seeking summer employment. Pay rates vary based on the position being filled and the applicant's experience. View the available job opportunities in Southampton.


Applications can be obtained from the following locations:

Job Descriptions

The following is a brief description of the positions and the qualifications required for each. Working papers are required for all personnel younger than 18 years.

Park Attendant

Must be at least 16 years old. Duties and requirements include:

  • Available to work during the week, all weekends, and holidays
  • Willing and able to work at any facility within the assigned area
  • Capable of understanding, explaining, and enforcing town policies
  • Able to process and account for fees collected at the facility

Job titles include skate park attendant, beaches and marinas park attendant, and park attendant II.

Park Laborer

Must be at least 15 years old and willing to work as a helper at various parks, beaches, and marinas picking up all litter, cleaning restrooms, and painting.

Parks Maintenance

Must be at least 18 years old. Duties and requirements include:

  • Available to work primarily on weekdays with some weekends and holidays
  • Able to operate small machines (mowers, blowers, electric saws, etc.)
  • Willing to perform tasks such as garbage collection and painting
  • Capable of working alone or in a group