Does the SFCC provide Paratransit Service?

The South Fork Commuter Connection (SFCC) is a coordinated, intermodal transportation service in which transit users ride the Long Island Rail Road and then transfer to a Town-provided shuttle bus.

This service is designed to bring workers from one of three LIRR stations west of the Shinnecock Canal to one of the LIRR stations east of the canal on weekday mornings. Town-provided shuttles will take these train riders to local places of employment in the morning; and the process is reversed in the afternoon, bringing trains users back to the stations via shuttle buses to board one of two westbound return trips.

The Long Island Rail Road operates the train portion of the service. The Towns of East Hampton and Southampton will operate the connecting shuttle bus service which links to the train stations in their Town. These shuttles are for use by those who purchase a train ticket, ride the train and retain an LIRR ticket stub as a voucher for using the bus shuttle.

Those who utilize the train portion of this intermodal service, but cannot utilize the shuttle bus portion due to a disability or impairment-related condition, are eligible to receive paratransit services in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Suffolk County Transit, which operates public bus service throughout the County and is the designated transit agency for Suffolk County, can provide paratransit service through its existing Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) program.

SFCC related paratransit service between the train stations and the local employment centers would be for train arrivals and departures linked to the local shuttle bus services available at the stations east of the Shinnecock Canal. The user’s trip would originate at the train station in conjunction with the morning eastbound train arrivals; and the user’s return destination would be the train station, in conjunction with an afternoon westbound departing train. (Paratransit services not related to the South Fork Commuter Connection intermodal service are also available through the Suffolk County Transit SCAT program.)

Eligibility for paratransit must be established prior to use, so enrollment in the SCAT program or comparable ADA paratransit service is required before service may be requested through the Suffolk County Accessible Transportation service system. Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) ID cards are required for Suffolk County residents to utilize this paratransit service. Please see the link below for complete information on the SCAT application and reservations process.

Any individual who does not qualify for SCAT services, but is planning to use the SFCC train and bus service and is in need of a wheelchair lift equipped vehicle to get from or to the train station, should contact Hampton Hopper @ 631-259-7076 no later than 2PM the day before they plan to travel.

The days and times of service are compatible with the limited SFCC shuttle service schedule:

Monday through Friday, approximately 6:30AM-10:00AM and 2:30PM-5:30PM. There is no service on major holidays and Fridays in the summer.

Payment for paratransit rides. A rider who purchased an LIRR Reduced-Fare ticket should pay the SCAT driver $4, which is the normal SCAT service fare and payment process.


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