What is the FIMP project?

The Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point (FIMP) Project is designed to reduce storm damage while maintaining or enhancing natural resources. 

The Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point, NY (FIMP) Reformulation Study was completed in July 2020. 

The FIMP Project was authorized for construction in December 2020. 

The FIMP Project is now proceeding through design and into construction. Funds are available from the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013, which provides 100% Federal funding for initial construction of the project. 

In order to proceed into construction, a Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) was entered into between the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and New York State in August 2021. The State executed similar agreements with Suffolk County and five towns (Babylon, Islip, Brookhaven, Southampton, East Hampton). 

The current PPA covers the initial construction phase of FIMP. The continued construction of FIMP, over 50 years, (with 30 years of renourishment) will be covered in a separate agreement. 

Construction began in September 2021 under Contract 1, which included dredging of Fire Island Inlet, and placement of sand on adjacent beaches. Contract 2, which includes dredging of Shinnecock and Moriches inlets and shoals with sand placement is underway and currently scheduled for completion in March 2023. 

Contract 3 of the FIMP Project is a structural contract for shore protection and beach renourishment work, to provide erosion risk reduction via Berm fill to the ocean shoreline, Dune restoration, augmentation of coastal resiliency with restoration of the barrier island, and enhance the overall barrier island and natural system coastal processes. Contract 3 includes offshore dredging and sand placement along the ocean shoreline, to construct an engineered beach and dune system, and offshore channel at Tiana Beach as part of a proactive breach response.

In addition to the proactive breach response, Contract 3 also includes two Coastal Process Features (CPFs #11 and #12) located on the eastern portion of Westhampton Island, west of Shinnecock Inlet and Shinnecock County Park West. CPF #11 is located along the Dune Road bayside shoreline and will consist of fill placement within the offshore channel and along the shoreline as well as groin removal. CPF #12 is located at Tiana Bayside Park and will consist of bayside fill placement along the channel and shoreline and burial existing gabions. 

It is anticipated that Contract 3 construction will commence in the End of Summer/Fall of 2025, although this schedule is subject to change, as actual timing will depend on when all real estate interests (easements) are obtained. 

For further details, please go to the FIMP website, www.nan.usace.army.mil/FIMP

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