How were the required access areas determined?

After extensive engineering studies, cost benefit analyses and consultation with numerous regulatory agencies to assure the desired level of protection, a beach and dune template (location, height and width of sand placement) has been developed and approved for the FIMP Project. Because the beach and dunes must be built to this specific design template, sand must be placed on certain private ocean-front properties. 

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1. What is the FIMP project?
2. What is an engineered beach and dune system?
3. Will the geo-cubes/geo-tubes on the eastern border of Quogue be removed by USACE?
4. If sand has accreted above the dune design elevation, will the Corps still add more sand on the dune?
5. Why does USACE need to access to my property?
6. How were the required access areas determined?
7. What is the easement needed for USACE to construct and maintain the project?
8. What are the key provisions of the perpetual easement?
9. Can structures be relocated?
10. What is the process for the town to acquire easements?
11. What is the schedule for easements, acquisitions and construction?
12. Who can we contact if we have more questions?