How will this affect me in the 2023 season?

Daily Parking Permits will need to be purchased using the Passport Parking App at certain beach locations.  This does not affect Full Season permit holders this season, but the Town plans to phase in electronic beach parking permits and eliminate permit decals in future years.

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1. Southampton Town Parks & Recreation Launches Passport Parking App for Daily Parking Permits
2. How will this affect me in the 2023 season?
3. At which beach locations will I need to use the Passport Parking App to purchase a Daily Parking Permit?
4. How do I pay using the Passport Parking App?
5. How will an enforcement officer know if I have paid for my session and have a valid daily permit?
6. What if I park in the lot without paying?
7. What if an enforcement vehicle scans my plate and it is not on the “valid” list but I have a 2023 full season permit decal on my vehicle?