How do I pay using the Passport Parking App?

1.  Download the Passport Parking app from the App Store or Google Play. A web version is also available at

2.  Find Your Zone. Look for the unique zone number on Passport Parking signs and decals.

3.  Pay. Enter your session information. & choose a payment method.

4.  Manage on the Go. Receive alerts & send email receipts of your parking session.

It is important to note that available parking is not guaranteed.  Therefore, Pay-By-App customers should only purchase parking after they successfully secured a parking space. 

Daily parking permits can be purchased 7 days at Foster Memorial, Ponquogue, Tiana, Hot Dog and Pikes.  M-F Mecox and T-F at Sagg Main.

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4. How do I pay using the Passport Parking App?
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