Why do the Fire Marshals perform business inspections?
Business inspections are performed in an effort to cut down on the loss of life and property with the township. Fire marshals inspect for code compliance to help remove hazards that might cause a fire. They also check to make certain that building systems such as automatic fire suppression, portable fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems have been properly inspected and maintained.

A very important function includes checking to see that buildings, especially bars and nightclubs, are not overcrowded, and that patrons have appropriate egress such a problem occur. Routine inspections have all too often found exit doors that have remained locked while the business was occupied, exit lights that were not properly illuminated or emergency lighting units that did not properly function. Because of the nature of the Hamptons nightlife, fire marshals work overtime shifts on summer weekends to do spot checks to help ensure the safety of our visitors.

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