What is my assessment based on?

New York State Real Property Tax Law specifies that property values for the annual Assessment Roll be based on real estate market conditions as of July 1 of the prior year.

Among the potential reasons for a change is assessed values are:

  • Physical property change due to new construction or demolition
  • Correction of factual property features such as missing data
  • Adjustment due to a change in market conditions (up or down)
  • Expiration court decisions (grievance, small claims or certiorari)
  • Refinements to assessments to maintain equity for all property owners

To make these decisions, the Assessor’s Office will make on-site field visits, view building and site plans, analyze recent sales data, and use Graphical Information System (GIS) tools such as aerial photography.

Assessor’s Office 116 Hampton Road Southampton, NY 11968 Phone: 631-283-6020 Fax: 631-287-4509

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