Does the Town offer any programs for seniors?

Are you a Senior… age 60+? Come join us for fun activities, lunches, health and wellness, entertainment and new friendships. We also have volunteer opportunities.

Enjoy healthy, comforting meals and share them with new and old friends, in a warm and welcoming setting in one of our Town Community Centers.

Each weekday morning and afternoon a variety of activities are offered for fun, education, creativity, and to help you feel vital and connected in a very pleasant and inviting social center. Lunch is served at noon daily and alternate meal choices are available offering the “best deal in town.” Suggested contribution is $3.50 per meal. Round-trip transportation is available if needed.

Of course there are many wonderful “SPECIAL SENIOR PROGRAMS”: Recreation, Health and Exercise Classes, Social and Cultural Programs, Trips and our Annual Senior Citizen Picnic

For additional information, please call 631-728-1235.

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