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Alarm Billing Appeal Form

  1. If you would like to appeal your false alarm bill please complete the following.
  2. Note: Appeal must be filed within 30 days of this invoice date.
  3. Select One*
  4. You may provide your tenant’s information, but at the end of the year it is the property owner’s responsibility to pay any outstanding false alarm bills. Any open / unpaid invoices dated between September 1 through August 31 of that current year, that have not been paid by November 1, will be placed on your December tax bill of that current year.

    Example: An invoice date of February 18, 2013 will appear on your tax bill if not paid by November 1, 2013.
  5. Please Change My Billing Address To
    If your billing address is incorrect on your tax bill, please correct in the space provided below.
  6. Supporting Documentation
    Please attach any supporting documentation.
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