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Long Islanders Speak Up for Change

  1. 2-LOGOS-600
  2. To: NY State Public Service Commission

    Re: Case #14-M-0224

  3. Community Solar is the latest program under Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in Southampton. The Town has issued a competitive bid for a Community Solar array at the North Sea transfer station. In addition to injecting renewably sourced electricity into the electric grid, this first-of-a-kind project on Long Island will generate economic development and it will help prevent blackouts. As more community solar arrays are built on Long Island, they will bring down the cost of electricity for all ratepayers in the LIPA service area.

    Two municipalities (Lima & Brockport) outside the LIPA service area are operating Community Solar projects under their CCA programs. We, the signatories on this digital petition, stand with Southampton Town's May 6th petition to the Public Service Commission to approve a similar program. Residents of Southampton and all ratepayers in the LIPA service area deserve to have access to the same benefits as Lima and Brockport. A municipally led community solar project will set an example for other municipalities on Long Island and help New York State reach its goal of 100% renewable for electricity by 2040.

    LIPA, whose purpose is to serve its customers, opposes this initiative. In their opposition note, they ignore the environmental benefit, the direct benefit to low-income consumers, the reduced prices for all consumers and the benefit of a more reliable power grid.

    The climate crisis and our communities' economic need cannot wait. We deserve access to the same benefits that others in the state are getting We support positive action from Albany right away.
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  5. 2-LOGOS-600
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