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1. How much are beach permit fees?
2. Can I get information about Parks and Recreation Department programs from the Youth Bureau?
3. Beach permits: What do I need? How do I get one?
4. What is valid proof of residency?
5. How much do Beach Permits cost?
6. At which beaches may I use the non-resident permit?
7. At which beaches may I use with the resident and senior resident permits?
8. At which beaches may I use the daily beach permit?
9. Is the Town of Southampton beach permit valid at Coopers Beach?
10. Which beaches have concessions?
11. What do I need to bring for a 4×4 or ramp permit?
12. Where do I get a shell fish permit?
13. Are dogs allowed on the beaches?
14. Do I need a permit for a fire on a town beach?
15. What Southampton Town Beaches and other facilities are handicap accessible?